Dos and Don’ts While Choosing Password…

Do-Donts-While-Choosing-PasswordWhile online account getting hacked every second day, it is not only essential to choose a strong password but what is equally important is remembering it. Following are some of good tips about Dos and Don’ts while choosing your online password:


- Try to use a combination of upper case and lower case alphabets along with numerical and special characters.

- Try to keep your password long enough to be difficult and short enough to remember. Make it between 8 and 15 characters should keep you safe

- Try having a different password for each and every site

- Keep a track of when you set a password and try changing it at least once a month.

- Try to keep your password as random as possible. For Eg: rHjlmn88)* makes a much better password than Random123!@


- Do not write your password anywhere or create anagrams/pins for your passwords

- Do not have personal details like you name, family name or birth details as your password.

- Avoid common passwords that are easy to remember but low on the security quotient. Eg: password, mysecretcode, allow, entry, etc

- Another mistake people make while choosing passwords is writing names backwards. This is almost too easy to guess and break. Eg: If your name is Alexander, avoid a password like rednaxela. Alternatively, also avoid passwords removing the vowels. Eg: lxndr for Alexander.

- Don’t add a single number or digit before your password. Eg: Alexander1 or Alexander). Also avoid repeating a word. Eg: AlexanderAlexander

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