Social Media Strategy

social-media-course-dubai-uaeSocial Media Strategy Training Course

Social Media is a phenomenal resource for improving brand awareness, wining business, meeting and researching potential clients, and for keeping in touch and reconnecting with contacts. To do this, you need complete and engaging profiles but most importantly you must have a strong strategy.

This Social Media Strategy course for you if you want to improve the visibility of your business and become relevant in today’s market. It will help you formulate the social media strategy for your bands.

Our Social Media training course is very flexible to individuals, teams or groups. The aim as always is to meet your requirements. Training covers a broad range of social media. This  includes platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc. Also social media policies, risk management, crisis communication and strategies. Future trends in social media are always highlighted.

Defined as a group of internet based tools and websites that allow for the creation and exchange of user-generated content, through mediums such as text, pictures, videos and audio, social media is becoming one of the main reasons why people use the internet via their desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

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Social Media Training Course Outline:


  • About Social Media
  • Types of Social Media

Understanding Social Media

  • Benefit in your business
  • Using social media monitoring tools
  • Live examples: good and bad

Social Media Networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • You Tube

Online presence

  • Find out what people are saying about you
  • Listening and benchmarking social media networks
  • Finding more followers/fans

Engaging with you customers

  • Defining your target audience
  • Where are your customers interacting online?
  • Engaging with your customers
  • Comments and reviews
  • Dealing with negative feedback

Blogging and other marketing channels

  • Why Blog
  • Connecting your website to your social media channels
  • Different ways to use social media

Social media in your business

  • The pitfalls of social media
  • Developing a schedule
  • Implementing a social media policy

Our social media training course is aimed at anyone wanting to gain an understanding of social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ and how they can be used to connect with your customers to increase brand awareness and targeted traffic towards your website, blogs and social presence.

  • Show you how to effectively promote your business on social media
  • Help you to keep your social media activity time efficient
  • Show you how to avoid costly mistakes
  • Look to the future-what’s coming soon that can help your business

About The Trainer
Mohan Singh a Google Certified Professional and Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer having more than  11 years of experience in online marketing. He has worked for a number of global digital marketing/media agencies managing a diverse range of online marketing campaigns for numerous blue chip clients.

For booking, email: or call: +971501492282